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Large set of asian models, mainly Japanese. This pack includes animated kites with scripted sounds, animated fish (not creatures), a nightingale (not animated or creature), nightingale cage and nightingale sound, firefly (not creature), coins, eating and drinking items,a Bagua board, and a Shogi Board and table. Icons are now included for all the Misc items. There are three musical instruments, a Koto, Shamisen, and Gong. They are entered as activators, and all have scripts attached.The Koto and Shamisen will play when clicked on, and the Gong will sound when the mallet is swung near it. Many, many thanks to Dongle and his Instrument's mod for the original scripts I modified and the gong sound.Also included is ra5946's Fireworks mod and modder resource.Note: Tribunal and Bloodmoon are not required to use this mod resource. The esp was cleaned with TesTool and checked with TESAME.This is a modder resource. Nothing is placed ingame.