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V1.2 (both plugins) reduces the crime sound alarm to a shorter distance. The alarm distance is now the same as the voice sound distance in the game. This distance is now 1000, down from 1500 in v1.1. The original game alarm sound distance was 3000. When an NPC is yelling for help, their voice will travel a little bit farther distance than the fartherest distance you can hear them talking in the game. The NPC talking voice distance is 750. I feel this is much more realistic now.

Remember that your crime will not be reported (and no bounty will be placed on your head) unless a guard is within the yelling sound distance of the NPC when the crime is taking place. You might still be detected inside a house if a guard is passing close by when you commit a crime. But I feel the sound distance is reasonable. Guards can hear the crime alarm at the same distance whether you are inside or outside. Check around first before commiting a crime in front of an NPC to make sure there are no guards nearby.

Also, No Psychic Guards Harder v1.2 still drops the NPC disposition to 0 if they are the victim of ANY crime. Criminals beware. You might be attacked on sight. :) Crime punishment is much tougher now in the harder version, too.

***You should start a new game when using this mod. This mod might not work properly with saved games.***

No Psychic Guards v1.2

When you murder someone out of sight and out of sound range, the guards will not show up out of nowhere, unless they are nearby and hear the yelling. Voice distance for reporting crimes has been greatly reduced. But a guard walking within the reduced alarm range still might might hear the screams for help. There will be no bounty placed on your head unless the guards hear the original NPC crime victim yelling at the time the crime is commited. And you will also be arrested if the guards see you chasing or being chased by an attack victim.

No Psychic Guards Harder v1.2

All of the above mentioned is included, but this plugin also greatly changed the dispositions of NPC crime victims (now they lose 100 disposition if they are the victim of a crime). They might attack you on sight now. Also, the crime penalties have been greatly increased.