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Name: The Compressonator
Version: 1.50
Date: 12/18/2008
Category: DDS Utility
Author: ATI (devtools [AT] ati [DOT] com)
Compatibility: Windows 2000/XP
Source: developer.amd.com
Mirror #1: TESNexus.com

A tool for compressing textures and creating mip-map levels.

The results of compression can be visualized by comparing the original and the compressed textures.

Textures (and directories containing textures) can be explicitly compared to other textures or directories.
Also, you can batch compress any number of textures.

There are several types of compression available: DirectX and Grayscale texture compression in addition to palletized texture decoding.
The options for these methods can be set from dialogs.

When comparing textures, the intensity of difference can be increased by as much as 3200%.

Version 1.50 (12/18/2008)
* New 64-bit Windows version.
* New fast and super-fast compression modes in ATI_Compressor plugin.
* Online version checking for the most recent Compressonator version.
* Help file documentation.

Version 1.41 (12/18/2007)
* Maintenance release.
* Fixes to Microsoft D3D10 BCn compression.

Version 1.40
* New D3D10Compressor plugin for compression to D3D10 BC1-BC5 compressed texture formats.
* Support for the D3D10 texture formats.
* Improved compatibility with plugins build with old versions of Plugin SDK.
* Added command line options for setting MinMipSize and MaxMipLevels.
* Various bug fixes.

Version 1.30 (11/09/2006)
* Extended support for Handheld compression format (ATI_TC & ETC).
* Support for the new CTES file format for Handheld compressed textures.
* Improved command line help.
* Multi-threaded compression improves performance on multicore systems.
* Native support for 16 bit floating point textures.
* Various UI enhancements and performance improvements.

Version 1.27
* Various fixes

Version 1.26
* Various fixes

Version 1.23
* Various fixes

Version 1.20
* Various fixes

Known Issues
Please send all feedback, support and feature requests to devtools@ati.com.

Contact Info
ATI Technologies Inc.
1 Commerce Valley Drive East
Mailstop: DR-2E
Markham, Ontario
Canada L3T 7X6

Developer Relations Hotline ... (905) 882-2636
Developer Relations Fax ....... (905) 882-9339
Developer Relations E-mail .... devrel@ati.com

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