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Felmoon Air Fortress Version 1.2

By Odd Robb
Shivering Isles is not needed for this mod
I: Introduction
II: Features
III: Known Issues

I: Introduction: The Ayleid kingdom of Felmoon once dominated the skies of Tamriel with an expansive network of aerial fortresses and watch posts, but they too followed the descent of the Ayleid Empire into ruins, extinction, and forgotten legacies. By the end of the Third Era, only one bastion and its teleportation network existed. Those ancient structures now hover above Cyrodiil awaiting a new master. Will you dominate the firmament, discover ancient treasures, and revive the legend of Felmoon?

II: Features:
Felmoon adds a beautiful player home based on architecture from Camoran’s Paradise and the Mages’ Guild (Dawn),
OR a macabre, ruined fortress, mostly based on Ayleid architecture (Dusk).
You can download the feature which reflects your character the best. Is your avatar macabre and dark, or heroic and brilliant?
Both have enchanting and spellmaking altars and four viewing platforms scattered across the empire. The main fortress is located in the air, way above Niben Bay, in close proximity to Bravil and the Shivering Isles Portal, while offering a spectacular view of the Imperial City and the entire Niben Basin.
After installation of this mod, adventurers can fast-travel to the bastion’s rim and endeavor to revive this ancient legend. Users who have fast travel disabled may use a portal east of Bravil’s main gate (view screenshots for location on a local map screenshot)
However, you must defeat a garrison of undead guardians and the last king of Felmoon, Varlaisaran, before you can claim this empyrean mantle for your character. Here, you can recover:
• A well decorated hall with extensive storage, sleeping quarters and eight display cases (both)
• Dining hall, throne chamber, and alchemy corner. (both, food varies, thrones are different)
• Verdant courtyard divided between an alchemy orchard and a training area (Dawn only)
• Courtyard with a prison, training area, and nightshade garden (Dusk only)
• Books, equipment, and a bedroom, all of those are in the same place, but different depending on what you download. Themes are the major focus of this mod.
• Three royal artifacts and your personal Ayleid Well (both, enchantments vary)
• Wraparound balcony surrounding the courtyard, which displays a magnificent view of Tamriel in all directions. (both)
• Landing pad for dragons and other fliers atop the fortress (both)
• Portal to the Stormwatch Network (both)

The Stormwatch Network includes four flying platforms, each featuring an unrivaled view of the empire and Ayleid furniture from which to enjoy the scenery. However, they can also function as museums, travel points, and double black diamond acrobatics practice. You must find all of them via teleport from the main fortress before you can fast travel to them. The locations are:
Felmoon Stormwatch – Located above the main fortress, surveys the Nibenay Valley, Lake Rumare, and Elsweyr. Connects to the main fortress and Rumare’s.
Lake Rumare Stormwatch – Flying north of the Talos Bridge, this Stormwatch hub views the Jerrall Mountains, Imperial City, and the Colovian Highlands while offering teleport pads to all three of the Stormwatches.
Abecean Sea Stormwatch – Hovers southwest of Anvil Bay, this platform displays Valenwood, Hammerfell, Colovia, and the bordering oceans. This pad connects to the Rumare Stormwatch.
Topal Bay Stormwatch – To the south and way above Leyawiin, this pad sights Black Marsh, the Lower Niben region, and Elsweyr. This platform also connects to the Rumare Stormwatch.

III: Known Issues: Except for the king, undead tend to fall into the bay - I've done everything I could with collision boxes, but it still happens.
Also, Dusk and Dawn do NOT work well together. I recommend that you ONLY use EITHER Dawn or Dusk, NOT BOTH at the same time! They are both in the exact same places. There are also some switching issues: during testing, I tried to convert a v.1.2 Dawn character to v.1.2 Dusk house, and my entire computer shut down, but kudos to Kuschel Drow for this solution:
The trick to avoid that would be this:
If you used Dawn and want to switch to dusk, you should copy the Dusk.esp (just in case you mess up things) and rename it the same the Dawn.esp is called. If you then change esp's the game won't notice you did, and therefore won't crash.

Best way would be a folder in your own documents directory where you can backup both files just to change them if you need to. The rename thing worked fine with my game, so I guess it should do on every one else's computer too. ^^

If any of you know how Felmoon could be improved or find conflicts with other mods, please PM me or post here. It would be much appreciated!

I would also like to hear your feedback or constructive criticism so I can make this one of the best houses available. Was the battle against the undead for aerial domination too difficult, too easy, or badly positioned? How can I improve or balance the royal artifacts, Felmoon's inventory, the Stormwatch Network, etc.?

CONFLICTS: None unless it changes the same airspace. The one exception is the opposite of whatever version you downloaded - Dawn won't work simultaneously with Dusk and vice versa

INSTALLATION: Right click on the Felmoon archive and extract to your data directory, Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data, and please comment/rate!