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Dutch cutlass***************************What does this mod add?This 'mod' adds a sample plugin with a dutch cutlass. The cutlass is a freeware model I textured, and placed ingame***************************Playing the plugin:You will find the new sword in vacant tower in dagonfel.I have not touched anything in the tower, except for adding the sword!So I doubt it will conflict with anything.You can safely add this plugin to an existing save. I didn't have any problems doing that!***************************Installation:Installation should be pretty simple!Just unzip the mod to your datafiles folder and it should work!If that fails this is where the different files go!Textures (the .tga files) goes to the textures directory.Mesh (the .nif file) goes to the meshes directory.the icon (the .dds files) goes to the icons directory.***************************Credits and usage:I don't know who made the mesh, since the file didn't come with any readme.If you know who did this mesh please pm or email me, with the details so I can give credit,where credit should be!Please do use this sword in your mod. No credit is required, all I ask for is an email (or pm) so I can check out your mod!If you want to retexture it, go ahead! I know my texturing skills are weak!***************************Contact:You can contact me at the elderscrolls official forums (username the_inwah).Or send me an email at nicholajo@gmail.comBut please don't send me email about the textures suck!