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Added: 24/05/2007 - 12:34PM
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"Shdw new expanded weapon pack01"
by "Andragorn"

What is this?

Adds 10 new weapons to the game with 16 variations thus making the total weapon count to 26.
You can buy the stuff from Imperial City, Market District, A Fighting Chance.

Araelion WarSword flimsy/normal/superior
Araelion WarDagger flimsy/normal/superior
Araelion Sword flimsy/normal/superior
Araelion Long Sword normal/superior
Araelion Short Sword normal/superior
Mirondil War Axe flimsy/normal/superior
Mirondil Battle Axe flimsy/normal/superior
Mirondil Light War Hammer flimsy/normal/superior
Mirondil War Hammer normal/superior
Mirondil Mace normal/superior

Flimsy equals silver (without ignore normal weapon resistance)
normal equals ebony
superior equals daedric (ignores normal weapon resistance)

How to install?

Extract all files under ..your Oblivion folder\Data (e.g. F:\Oblivion\Data)

To uninstall delete following folders:


and shdw_weapon pack01.esp


For those who possibly have the old weapon pack01:

You might want to delete the data\textures\Shdw\W\pack01 folder because some of the old textures won't be used so they will be useless.

Otherwise simply overwrite everything.

Especially the war axe has now better textures.

Weapon stats have been altered but the editor IDs are the same so there shouldn't be any problems.

Thanks to:

Bethesda (obviously)

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