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Seductive Idles readme v1.0
Created by Zenman

Tired of seeing NPC's standing like zombies any time they are not doing work?

This mod adds a number of new standing idle animations, including the "seductive" standing idle animations that are used by the Anvil gang of female thieves, to the list of idle animations that all NPC's use.

The 1.1 version increases the likelyhood of seductive animations occuring. Only use if that is what you prefer.

The "Extreme Seduction" version makes woman use the seductive idles most of the time. This is kind of silly, but I'm sure there are many that would prefer this, so I made it available.

The "gloomfrost custom" version of the "Seductive Idles" mod provides gloomfrost's ideal for social interaction with females. The only idles added are the two seduction idles used by the Anvil female thieves. The idles are used by every non-hostile female reguardless of age, race, occupation, social status, arkwardness of armor, or state of hygiene whenever standing for more than a few seconds, with a 50% split between idle A and idle B.

The list of idle animations that have been added are:

Used by female NPC's only:
Seductive Idle A
Seductive Idle B

Used by all NPC's:
Standing with arms crossed
Standing with hands clasped
Standing with hands clasped swaying
Standing with hands at side 1
Standing with hands at side 2

And from the Spriggan list of animations (used by female NPC's only):
Spriggan Gaze
Spriggan Praise

As with the existing idles, these all have a certain percentage chance of being used by a NPC at any particular time. The standing idle is still the primary default, but you will see much more variety in stances that in vanilla Oblivion.

The DarkElf pose in the second picture is a "stretching" animation (like what you do when you stand in one place for too long); whether you view it as natural or not is up to you. Personally, IMHO it emphasizes all the right things. However, if you do not like it, you can delete the two files from the ..\meshes\characters\_male\idleanims folder (which are the two Spriggan animations).

1. Use a zip-compatible extractor program to extract the contents of the zip into your ..\Oblivion\Data directory. Ensure you have "use subfolders" enabled.
2. Select the "Seductive Idles.esp" file in your Oblivion start screen.

1. Delete the file ..\Oblivion\Data\Seductive Idles.esp
2. Delete the files in the ..\Oblivion\Data\Meshes\Characters\_male\idleanims folder

Known Problems
1. None at this time. This mod should not conflict with any other mod.

Many thanks to
Bethesda (obviously)
NES Construction Set WIKI

All feedback is welcome. You are also welcome to use this mod in any way, shape, or form that you wish; full open source model!

Version History

1.1 - Per request, I've tweaked percentages of occurrance to increase likelyhood of seductive animations
1.0 - First release