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GGC Valeria/Vincente Companion Revived

Version: 0.6 beta
Last Update: 2007/10/07
Author: rMnQw36FcH

This is an improved version of Valeria/Vincente Companion Mod. Based on the original of Deepfreeze and added/fixed many functions. Most of scripts were re-written. SI/non-SI compatible.

Many functions were added/fixed. See manual for details.

These are highlights:

- All functions work properly in the Shivering Isles.
- The companion is not invincible.
She doesn't have "Essential" flag any more. But you can resurrect her if you want. And when you are dead, she will try to resurrect you as long as she can.
- The companion has more health now (about 1.5 or 2 times as much as NPC).
- The companion has more Armorer skill now (for melee or ranged class).
- You can select her class. And also you can re-change her class after she joined you.
- The companion can be encumbered.
You can disable this function if you don't like it.
- The companion has two kinds of inventory, Priavate Box and Public Box.
Priavate Box is for herself. She can eqiup items in this box. And another is Public Box for being a "beast of burden". She can't eqiup items in this box. Even if you put items in it, it doesn't affect her eqiupment. You can easily open Public Box w/ sneak & activate her.
- You can order her w/ magics (attack/follow/at ease/run/stay).
- Most of functions are switchable. You can set them w/ opening the coinfig book.
- Voices are added. All of them are not original but from bsa file.

These issues won't happen any more:

- The companion stays behind when you load into new worldspace.
She will always follow you SURELY. You don't need to load back to take her. And as far as this function works properly, you don't need to set "Oblivion Escape Point" before you go into Oblivion gate, so that function was removed.
- The companion gets stuck when she tries to ride her horse.
Well-planed combination of AI's solve this problem.
- The companion gets a little warp after closing inventory.
Quick response and no more warps.
- "Repair Armor/Stuff" takes her long.
She will finish it in a blink.
- Savegame Bloating
Healing Activator caused this issue, but not any more.

This MOD doesn't have these functions/contents:

- story, romance or quest
- adult contents
- cheat functions

This is a huge list. See history.txt.

(Oblivion's issues which effcts this MOD)
- The companion sometimes keeps withdrawing her weapon even when it's not necessary.
- The companion sometimes doesn't change her clothes when she's in town or in a bed.
You can fix this w/ opening and closing the inventory anyway.
- The companion uses a ton of potions at once after fight.
- The companion sometimes doesn't accept orders.
Once she goes out of the loaded area and comes back, it may happen
- The companion always recharges enchanted weapons when repairing. (required OBSE to fix this)
- Too slow to move on her horse.
Especially when the player is sleeping/waiting, she doesn't move at all.
- When in rest mode, the companion sometimes suddenly begins to travel to the south west of the Imperial City.
We assume that Oblivion applies the axis to a wrong worldspace.
This often happens when Tolgan in "Lifting the Vale" quest or Lucien Lachance in "A Knife in the Dark" quest, which interrupts the player's sleeping/waiting.

(issues of this MOD)
- Some of users reported that this MOD sometimes causes CTD after loading. We can't confirm that it happens and don't know if this MOD causes it.
- Sometimes the companion messes up a bed in an inn or house.
- Resurrection
When you use some of Valeria (w/ coping esp), only one (sometimes a few) of them can notice your death and resurrect you.
After you died if one of them also dies it causes game over (even when rest of them are alive they don't have a chance to resurrect you).
- You can sneak her private bag when she is knockbacked.
It is regarded as a criminal and if you take her items it'll be a stolen items.

Post this thread or send PM to rMnQw36FcH in Bethesda's public forum for any bug reports or requests.

Or just send me an email to [email protected]

plan & design: Ehcope
script & debug: rMnQw36FcH
AI & test: GJee

This MOD is based on these MOD's:

Easy Companion Share Plug-in by Reznod
ANB Companion Gabrielle by Aridale Noblebrook Belmont
GG_Valeria Female Companion Mod by Gregg Gean (Deepfreeze)
GG Companion Japnese Edition by vlv
GG_CJE_append by miyaoka

Especially, we would like to thank Deepfreeze who produced the original Valeria and had been supporting us for really long at the forum, and also thank vlv who released Japanese version.

And we referred to these MOD's for new functions:

The Lost Televanni Codex by Guidobot
Horse Commands by Xebeth

We really appreciate everyone who supported to build our MOD.

We hope you all will respect Aridale and Deepfreeze's policy:

I would ask that this mod not be used for an "adult" companion mod. Other than that, feel free to use it however you wish.
Please just give me, as well as Aridale, some credit somewhere in your readme.