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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Gerald spells V1.5=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-This mod Added new spells to the Elder Scrolls III Morrowind game.I have added more items potions and weapons to the game and a few Secret NPC's that wonder the map in Random locations it is up to you to find where they are hidden. This is a new mod I have been working on for the pass month makign changes to it and Fixing things as I go with this mod.----Changes----Added more new spells.Added a new class called Secret Enchanter. (NPC use only)Added 4 Secret Enchanter's in random locations that sells the spellsAdded new Rings and Amulets with enchantments on them.Added the rings and Amulets to the Secret Enchanter's.Added new weapons with enchantmentsAdded the new weapons to the Secret Enchanter's.Added new types of Arrow's.Added the Arrow's to the Secret Enchanter's.Added new types of Bolts.Added the bolts to the Secret Enchanter's.Added new potions.Added the new potions to the Secret Enchanter's.----Foot notes----More changes to come to this mod as I look into the game and get more test done on the spells, items, weapons, and scrolls.