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Added: 03/04/2007 - 09:52PM
Updated: 19/07/2009 - 04:09PM

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Last updated at 16:09, 19 Jul 2009 Uploaded at 21:52, 3 Apr 2007

In the spirit of 300, one of the greatest movies I've seen in a while, I decided to add spears to the game that were usable like those in the movie.

Unfortunately, the only weapons in the game outside of staffs and bows are swung, so stabbing (for me at least) is impossible. I searched for a spear on tessource and I found Jannix Quinn's Staffs Polearms and Spears mod. I used his meshes for the two spears in this mod. I had doubts that it would work, but by simply setting the spear to one handed in the CS, I had a one-handed working spear. To my surprise, when I tried it in the game, it actually worked! I could attack with it only one handed. To make things even better I accidentally held the attack button too long and I performed a standing power attack, a perfect spear animation. I suggest using this most of the time with the spear as it doesn't have very high damage and it's more balancing due to the incredibly long (and magical) reach on the spear that needs some tweaking through play testing.

Two spears are included in this mod: a short-bladed stabbing and a long-bladed slashing (glaive). Each is set in the CS to do 8 damage, have 2.1 reach (which will probably be adjusted), have 0.6 speed, have very low durability, and be worth very little. They are balanced in my opinion as you can attack the enemy from far outside of their range even if you do very little damage.

The spears are available at A Fighting Chance in the Market District.

I suggest SPARTAN VI's great Spartan armor mod, without the cuirass, lovely as it is, for the full "300" effect. The bracers in the screenshots are from an unknown mod for Gladiator armor, help me out if you know the author. Lastly, someone's (his username) Capes and Cloaks mod has the perfect Very Large Crimson Cape for Leonidas and his warriors.

In the future I plan on adding a script to the spears so that they only use the stabbing animation. I also will see if I can make a bow that looks like either a shield or is invisible with arrows that look like the spears, which is as close as I can get to jevelins.

Disclaimer: I made this mod with Shivering Isles installed. I doubt that it requires anything from SI, though. Also, this mod is a duplicate of what I did in another mod that I use in my own game, one that allowed me access to the spears and the armor from SPARTAN VI's mod immediately. I see no reason why this mod wouldn't work but this is just a warning.

Legal: There isn't much for anyone to use for another mod in this one yet, but if anyone wants to use anything they are more than welcome to do so, just give Jannix Quinn credit for using his meshes.