Yes yes, accidental image deleting is fun. Here we go again. Grr. This is a huge STITCH OF DOOM, so fullview plskthx. :D

YESSSSSS Sir, chakaru made a wig.

Actually, I blendered and nifbashed a wig. This thing is hand - made, using a Rosesims hair for the head and a verrrry old rosesims hair that has never been converted to Oblivion before for the braids. I know Rose from may sims2 modder days way back. so I KNEW she once made a Tomb Raider-esque hair with a braid. So I searched for that thing, downloaded it, converted it and used that one braid to make all the others. *dies* And now, 2 days later, it is DONE. Rigged and everything, as you can see.

A shoutout to the rigging - pros here:
The screenshots show that the wig is indeed rigged and works with a variety of poses - but whenever an NPC appears next to me and Alba looks to the side or over her shoulder at the NPC, the wig goes off-center and doesn't really follow her head.
The wig consists of 3 parts: the head and 2 sets of braids. None of these parts are "applied", since once you use that function on head accessories of any kind in Nifskope, they follow the spine, not the head. So I did not use apply.
Like I said, all works fine except for the classic "oh hey there" - 90° headturn to look at NPCS. I have never had that happen with a rigged wig before.

I notived that most other wigs I have downloaded have their settings to 0 when you check in the Nifskope - "edit" function. So they must have been "applied" at some point. So why does that work on those wigs, but not on mine? >.<

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