OH MY GOD, creating these mash ups took almost a week, I worked on them whenever I had time. But lets start from the beginning.

Since my internet is dead at the moment and will be for a few more days, I could not download anything, including FAAAAY >.< So I had to make these steampunkish mashups using stuff I already had on my harddrive.

On the right: New character, nameless. And YES, ladies and ghents, that is a mechanical arm you see :D I have no idea what kind of story is behind that (yet), but she has only one arm. I had planned to give her a long skirt, but in the end this version won out. I kind of like it a LOT O.o

On the right: REVY :DDD
I decided to make her new character's companion, next on the list is Karin xD With her gun/rifle she'll be perfect for a steampunk setting !
But back to Revy. For her mashup I managed to make KURESE's Fiona top work with a onepiece outfit, which WHOOO, took forever to figure out. The belts and legs are by Sinblood, I ported that over :D The outfit is called "Time Traveller", can you guess why? Take a clooose look :D

Ok ok, this all looks more Western than Steampunk, but I am still looking for Steampunk stuff, so this will have to make do for now. Wheee!

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