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As Revy and Jaargo are escorting a female noble to the Palace Disctrict, a female orc wearing only the rather revealing Arena Light Raiments passes by them...

Jaargo: wow...Jaargo approves!
Minerva (noble): Orcs...barbarians, filthy creatures...why do we have cross this district?...Isn't there a quicker and cleaner way to the Palace?
Revy: There is, but this route is less crowded, therefore safer...

*Female orc passes by, ignoring the group*

Revy: *sigh*...Jaargo, tell me again...why are we escorting this...lady?
Jaargo: it's for a greater good!
Revy: greater good...
Jaargo: yes
Revy: which one?...the amount of gold in your pocket? or the one between your legs?...you've been taking every chance to stare at her chest..
Minerva: o.O
Revy: I'm sure you'd love to "purrrr" on those...
Minerva: I'm here and can hear you both...just in case you've forgotten -.-

To be continued...soon(tm)

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Uploaded by Darigaz17 at 13:09, 29 Jan 2014


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