Uploading this because I technically ended my break of undetermined length on Thursday (or was it Wednesday?) and wanted to have an image up today and yesterday and I don't want to do anything over the weekend while I get my other 3 characters up and running with all their personal armours and weapons.

Also since this is a clean install I'm going to attempt to not install anything too strenuous but that may not stick as I (and I'm sure many of you) have broken that vow in the past when we see a new interesting mod and think "I WANT THE SHINY!!!" which leads to us installing many mods nad not using half of them. Although I'm going to try and stick to this promise which should hopefully lead to less problems (although the ones I've just had are probably Steams fault and I've taken precautions to stop them from happening again.)

Anyway I don't actually like the textures of Teneichas scales when he's wearing this armour, I know many vanilla textures leave a lot to be desired but I honestly preferred the vanilla Argonian ones to any others.

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Uploaded by Kpnut at 0:14, 30 Nov 2013


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