Big thanks for the beautiful Armor : Haubergeon : http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/44529/?
All those who know her recognize that Ibella is an oddball. She is sociable while loving solitude. She is pious but swears like an old Nord. Motherless, she was always in search of her father vanished just before her birth. Since her youth, she conducts research through Cyrodiil. In the hope that could help, she enlisted in the quest of the Knights of the Nine, where she died (yes) to return to life in an incomprehensible way. Following these events, her life became dull and tasteless. No, but, live cloistered after living the most exciting adventure that nobody could ever know ...

One day she gave alms to a cripple and she prayed the Nine to bring him to health. She then heard that guy tell her in a low whisper a name in her ear. Gray Fox. So, she finally dived lost in the maze of dishonesty. She even reached the glory but got quickly tired of pickpocketing.. She therefore bought the armor of her dreams and gave all her wealth to the poor poeple.

Then began a new day under the roof of the Fighters Guild to fight some real criminals.

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