Wheee, I am in the process of porting the Skyrim Osare Culort outfit. And omg, this is hard work.

I had to use polyreducer quite a few times, since the original has an insame vert count. I also chose to add and retexture a pair of boots I found online instead of the leggins and sandals of the original for various reasons. (The crippled Skyrim legs and the ugly Oblivion feet being two of those reasons). And I have to say I am beginning to like those boots :D Especially the heart shaped patches XDD

The scythe is by me, I bastardized the little "nabee" (navi?) creature for it >.< I also made a bow.

Anyways, whenever I had time to mod during the last week I worked on this. And now excuse me while I collapse.

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Uploaded by chakaru11 at 1:15, 14 Oct 2013


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