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Miranda managed to escape while her alleged son, Hasmir, was fighting the creatures. Just before dawn she saw a statue of Azura, Aedra Goddess. She then paused, took a peek behind by caution. Since nobody seemed to have followed her, she knelt before the goddess.

- Oh! Azura! remember how I delivered your disciples to their vampiric state. You know all the risks that entailed for me. But seeing your heavy sorrow, compassion filled my soul, and I rescued them despite my fears. That day, kneeling in the snow, I told you that they were now free and you graciously offered me your star and all its power as a reward. The star has been with me wherever I went and delivered me from the worst fights that I had led. But now I'm in a totally foreign world and devoid of all my goods. I feel like if someone grabbed my whole being and I wonder why. I doubt now everyone, even the atronach Hasmir. In my turn, Great Goddess, I ask you to deliver me from this condition. I had a vision of my brother who is about to come to me but I know in my heart that this is a trap for him also. Please don't abandon us dear Azura!

Miranda had exhausted all her strength in the effort to reach the spirit of Azura. After a moment, she felt a breeze of hot air surrounding her and a soft voice has seemed to speak to her.

- Poor child! Me and my disciples have never forgotten you. Since then, I've seen all your adventures and I saw all what the people around you did. Hasmir is really your son. Remember when you chose members for the new guardian of the Gates of Madness. A flesh atronack entered in a pool and then you inserted the members one by one. In reality, The essence of these members was taken in a magic way from your own body after you had made ??love with Haskill ... a little revenge of Relmyna ... Hasmir was named by Haskill and Relmyna gave him back to his original form, means flesh atronack. Now go ahead and don't stop till you see your brother. I will guide you.

A bright light appeared in the hand of the statue and Miranda felt a new strength. Then, she again ran away.

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