Hi everyone, so I've been staying in wilderness again with no connection, but a real adventurer never goes about without a laptop, so I was spending my time reading through tons of Photoshop tutorials and trying my hand for the first time in freehand digital painting. I realise many of you would rather see a nice painting of a gracious deer, a beautiful butterfly, or a cute naked warrior girl, but no such luck. Here comes The Beast. ;P I hope you like it. It's 100% painted from scratch in Gimp except the backdrop which you may recognise as a slightly modified scenic screenshot by discovery1. Discovery, I hope you don't mind me (ab)using your image without even asking, but you know, it was better than anything I'd ever come up with, it had all the right colour tones, and it was sitting in my wallpapers folder like a Christmas gift. :) Can I upload it in HD to deviantart - with all the credits and honours, of course?
See you guys soon before I go for holidays to Greece in a couple of weeks.

deviantart link for higher resolution: http://fav.me/d6it9ov

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