- About Haskill, I only remember that he and my brother helped me out of this hell Daedra in the realm of the dead Ayleids. I also remember having met a woman who looked suspiciously like my mother. I handed her the enchanted sword. Then I went out to face a Ayleid rebellion, and then I
tried to go out through a portal in which I was stuck. Now I find myself in this fascinating world, but against my will. I would at least know who pulls the strings of this grueling adventure.

- My Goddess, here is the Haskill's message. Your brother is alive. He accidently took your place in the skeletton portal. Your soul was in him for a while but now he returned entirely to life. Nobody knows why you are stucked in this paralele world. It's a secret place for Gods. But, your brother can percieve some of your thoughts or feelings. So you just have to concentrate your mind to deliver him your messages.

- Oh Gods! said Miranda, Morano... alive! I'm so glad! But... does that mean that I'm dead?

- It all depends on you. Someone placed you here against the Gods will, probably by mistake. So, you are here as a clandestine.

- I understand. But why do you call me ''My Goddess''? I am not your goddess or your queen. And why do you take the Haskill voice to speak?

The giant advanced to the point that Miranda, a little frightened, retreated into the basin.

- Well, here we are! said the giant kneeling. I confess that I inherited my father's voice. Yes! Haskill is my father. As for you, even if you have been ousted from the kingdom, you will remain spiritually our queen and our goddess as long as Sheogorath will not find another champion. Mother, my name is Hasmir, I am your son.

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