Morano was a man of taste, always looking for the elegance in all its forms. So he took some of his savings and went to Cheydinhal looking for a new counter of known brands of men's clothing. Contrary to what the gods had written in their recommendations book, he soon perceived, that people called him ''Sir''. He also noted that he had aged several years in just a few days. Then out of the shop, a veteran of the Mages Guild called him out.

- Sir, I see you're wearing an outfit just arrived at the store. I can not hide my admiration on the fact that you wear this costume perfectly. Visit us at the guild. My fiance will surely be as impressed as I am. We plan to get married soon, she added in an almost imperceptible whisper. When he will see you dressed like that, that can convince him to renew our wardrobe.

Morano did not hear anything from her. He was focused on the fate that his sister could suffer if he were to return to its complete form of life. He walked away from the woman at the speed of an arrow leaving her frozen in place.

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