Sooo. This has been eating my brain for 3 days now.

I always thought the MALE version of the Atroscine armor (which you can see on the right, Skyrim version) is one of the coolest armors in TERA. Sadly, there is no real female equivalent. Aside from the female Aman armors, Tera shows a distinct lack of heavy female armors. SO I MADE THIS XDD Whoo. The backskirt is also part of the male armor, I did not add that on a whim XD As you can see I rigged it to the tailbones - but it only uses like 5 tailbones instead of all 8. This way it flows a lot smoother, I have no idea why XD Anyways. I also added lacing and some did some UV editing to make the female version work.
Also: I successfully RIGGED the gloves!!! YESSSS XDD I never managed that before, I loathe rigging hands.
There are a few kinks left to work out, but all in all it was a success :D

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