- Morano Blakeley! exclaimed a voice who seemed to come from all around. We Zenitar, Stendarr, Mara and Talos, require your presence on Nirn.

The young man, who regained control of himself, recovered slowly from his surprise.

- Now statues that speak ... Hahaha, they are even more beautiful to look at than the skeleton of Uncle Grantham ... Morano thought while stifling his laughter.

At the same time, a book appeared in his hands while an inner voice urged him to read it...

... We presided at your birth. We had great plans for you. Unfortunately your parents made the mistake of preferring Miranda. We know that you sent your sister on the island of Sheogorath in order to sow confusion in her mind. It is still happy that we can watch over her. Ah! Sheogorath the infamous ... he who says he is a god ... he is nothing more than a poor soul forever torn between good and evil. But we're not here to talk about him. We want to teach you specific things that you ignore and are important for the continuing of your life. Then...

Long ago, a high elf, your mother, had the reputation of a black witch and for this reason, no man wanted her as his wife. But she longed for a child. Then, one day, she asked us to help her, promising to abandon her dark activities. At the same time, a young man of imperial strain, your father, overwhelmed by the death of his pregnant wife begged us to give him a second chance to start a family. We'll spare you the unnecessary details, so be aware that the father wanted a daughter and the mother, a son. Faced with this dilemma, your mother missed to her word and raised the black power to give birth to twins, thing that she regretted soon after. That is why all their affection fell on Miranda who became their great proud.

We are aware of the pain you feel after these revelations, but they were necessary for the plan we made for you. It is not allowed humans to converse with the gods, so, over time, you will see other pages appear in this book. It's up to you to read them if that is your desire. By then, just act according to your conscience and do not worry about your sister, we take care of her spirit. We must also inform you that the body, that you seam to believe it's yours, is in fact your sister's body, and not yours that exists only in your imagination. Only her spirit is stuck inside the portal. The spirit of your ancestor is confused on this point.

For now just go in peace to your businesses...

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