GUH. The quality of this image Is TERRIBLE. I have no idea why my AA died, it looked fine ingame but terrible in the screenshots. Anyways.

Funny enough, this screen is not about the archer, which is a wonderful recreation of the FFXI artifacts archer armor. Naw, it's about the WHITE MAGE <333

I have to admit when it comes to RPGs, I an oldschool purist. Warrior of Light (ok, there were four, but whatever XD) is still my favorite FF character ever (<33), I played classics like Suikoden I and II, the old "Tales of" games etc etc. My very first FF game was VII and then I worked my way backwards down to the first (although I skipped II, shame on me) and I have to say I have this deep rooted, fanatic love for the WHITE MAGE in all his/her incarnations and designs. My all time favortite is tha Tactics White Mage, but OMG have you seen the FFXV artifacts White Mage? O_o THAT is an outfit I might try to recreate, it's so pretty *.*

Anyways. As you might have guessed, this is Serah's White Mage outfit from the FFXII-2 DLC. Which was GREEN. HERESY! So I recolored it, yes yes. Still, the Farron girls have the anatomy of stick figures with breasts, so it was kind of awkward to work on. I am also trying my hands at Lightnings XIII-2 armor, but damn. I HATE that armor. HATE HATE HATE. -.- I started working on it by request, but holy sht, if I can't get that abomination of an armor to work in the next 3 days or so I am going to toss it.
Does it show that I hate FFXIII and all it's sequels and DLCs? Yes? Watch me care.

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