- Two minutes... two minutes...That kind of alternative always will kill me, thought Miranda.

Then, blinded by the urgency of the moment, nervously, she put her hand on the skeleton. After two agonizing minutes she felt a terrible void surround and slowly vanishes. She was then literally driven out of time in the most sinister place she had ever seen. A foul odor of rot madly stuck to her skin. Strangely, she knew she was in the middle of an Ayleid cimetery. She pushed her way through a few zombies wandering who did not seem to see her. Her path led to a vast expanse of mud dominated by a terrifying skull shaped building. Suddenly, a group of skeletons rushed towards her. Without knowing why, she waited quietly.

Quickly encircled, one of them approached her. She was then totally paralyzed.

- I am looking for my brother, she said in a low voice, or something that could be like him.

- Poor stupid human, you made a cruel mistake. I know the reason for which you are here and
where you come from. You took the wrong portal, your brother wanted to come here but he
took the wrong one too. Understand that both have made ??the same mistake but in reverse. To join him, You Just had to take the message on the pillar before the two crucial minutes were up.

Aback, Miranda felt a flood of tears invade her mind. The skeleton gave her a horrible grin and stroked her cheek.

- You are in a very bad position. But first, let me entertain you of our pitiful story. We're kind of time keepers, our time in fact. There was a time when our glory was at its peak. With our extensive knowledge, we favored the birth and growth of the half-human races. We were kind and generous to everyone, but also imbued with our great power over all, keeping them all in slavery. These new races then multiplied to such an extent that our kingship was threatened. In fact, a small group of them raised a rebellion against us and began to grow more and more each day. They became so many that the rebellion quickly became a great war. Then we have asked the help of the Lord Dagon, expert in destruction. We have unfortunately used dishonest ploy. We used the dark force of Oblivion to keep our kingdom alive. What horrible mistake. For its part, Dagon added our great knowledge to his to conquer worlds. Thus this war, daughter of Science and Destruction, was born. For humans and for sub-humans, our sin is unforgivable. At the beginning, we were gods but
other gods came, we were forgotten and so our power with. We are condemned to wander for
ever in the void however it was our choice and still will remain it.

- So, you have another alternative? asked Miranda.

- Yes, most of us chose to go through the gate you see behind us. They are never emerged except one, me. There I saw hell and how we are treated like meat to nourish those damned traitors deadras.

- So, nevermind your stupid story. I can easily imagine that you plan to kill me and give my corpse as food to those ugly creatures. In fact, the traditional ritual.

The skeleton was then suddenly seized with a horrible convulsive laughter.

- Kill you??? Arrrgghhh... kill you!!! nobody here has the possibility to kill you stupid human. The reason is.............. you already are dead.

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