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The Raven

Reaching inside, Miranda heard a staccato noise upstairs. She went and saw traces of blood still fresh on the floor and walls. She took a few steps and found the still warm body of a raven. A leather band encircled one of his legs. Miranda untied it and a note fell on the floor.

''You do not know me, although not many people know me. I am a breeder of crows and ravens. Each has one specific path for all possible destinations. These are my most faithful messengers, my passion. So, I got the unpleasant mission to bring you news of your dead stupid brother. Forgive my bitter tone, I must not have any personal opinion, I'm just a messenger after all. In short, one year must elapse between each contac with him. This is apparently the beyond's rule. So, he asked me to tell you to continue your life as it is. When the moment will come he will contact you again.

Also note that there is a chest on the first floor containing all the things stolen by the pirates and brought by a survivor. It seems that all the crew have mysteriously vanished. '' That night the young woman was unable to sleep.

A year has elapsed so. Miranda had lost the taste for adventure. She made some insignificant races for pirates met by chance on her path while maintaining a link with the Mages Guild. In short, nothing very exciting. She just ignored that fate was preparing her for a high destiny.

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