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The Inn
At daybreak, our apprentice pirate came back in recognition on the ship. She found the place empty, nobody on board. In her mind, the fog thickened more. She suddenly remembered that one of the crew members had mentioned an inn near Bravil. She looked at her map and decided to go by boat to the south of Skingrad. She landed and began her eastward walk but for once the luck was on her side. She found a spirited horse wandering that eventually made her lose her fur hood, then, she crossed the south of the West Weald and continued on her way to the location of the inn.

She especially hoped to find a bed to rest before continuing her investigation, but as soon as she stepped into the inn, she found herself in the middle of a band of revelers. A stench of Skouma mixed with cheap cognac and sweat, and aggressive sounds of tambourine and lute gave her the urge to turn back. This is when the bartender approached her and peered Miranda from head to toe with amusement and whispered:

- Sir or ... uh ... Ms. Morano?
- Uh ...
- No problem, we see so many strange things these days with necromancers and mages that infest the land. Don't worry, your lifestyle does not concern me, I just was paid to give you a message. Don't be shy, dine with each other and then rent a stretcher for the night. Under the pillow, you will find a note for you. And Oh... stay discreet and quiet please.

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