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Consider this a Stable Alpha release

Hello, thank you for checking out my mod.

Hidden somewhere in the Mojave lies a bunker filled with treasures of the old world. A recent landslide has revealed it's location, do you have what it takes to uncover the events that took place within?
Follow the story of a small group of incompetent soldiers stationed in a secure but outdated holding facility for federal treasures. The facility had been retrofitted with modern security some time before the bombs fell, in hopes it would deter any looters in the event of something terrible happening. Several branches of the government used this facility to temporarily store items of high value while space was being created for them at proper installations. These soldiers met a terrible fate when one such item of significant value got misplaced within this facility and needed to be retrieved no matter what.

Federal Vault is an ongoing project as I learn to use the GECK, as of now it is a short note quest mod. I tried to keep it somewhat lore friendly, and provide a balanced challenge to low to mid level players (level 10 to 20 recommended). The entire dungeon is fully navmeshed and companion friendly, just be aware it will lose a significant part of the challenge if you bring friends along.
Eventually I want to include an actual quest for this and possibly other locations, right now this is a playable bug-free release.
This mod currently contains:

Unique Weapons
Unique Clothes
and Unique Power Armor

The facility is in Crescent Canyon, there is no map marker but it's easy to find. Look for an overturned army truck. 

I'll be continuing to work on this in the near future, however I'll be back to work full time this week.
I wanted to do a stable release before my personal life got hectic.

Installation is simple, just drag and drop into your data folder or use a manager.



Just the base game.

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