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Added: 16/04/2017 - 10:01AM
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So what is this mod?
If you weren't already aware, LOD(Level of Detail) for New Vegas is split into two sections, terrain and object. Object LOD is incredibly easy to generate, simply using and external tool and is most often the lod enhancement people use. However, terrain LOD is only successfully usable through the gecks lod generation, and the major downside to using this method is it takes an incredible amount of time. On top of that, normally you can only generate 1x scale meshes and textures for worldspaces.

This is no longer the case. Thanks to a patch provided by Roy Batty, meshes and textures are able to be generated in 2x mesh quality and 512x texture size(Double the resolution of vanilla).

The effect of this is that terrain lod looks much high quality, and can also be generated to match the textures of your favourite texture pack.

Terrain meshes and textures have been generated for TTW and includes all worldspaces, including TTW ones.

How did you do it?
A patched geck provided by Roy Batty. No I am not sharing it and don't go asking him for it.

How can I do it myself?
Unless a patcher is released, then you can't do it at 2x scale.

What is it compatible with?
In theory, everything unless there's conflicting meshes and textures. Prioritize  these ones

What texture packs does this work with?
Any, however the ground color may be off. I've provided a totally vanilla set and an NMC set, use whichever one you like.

Does it work with FNV LOD Gen, FLIP and Texture packs?
Yes it works with all of these, FNV LOD Gen covers object LOD, as does FLIP. For textures, just use the right file.

How do I install this?
Install with your mod manager or manually, ensure the root contents of the zip file are in your "Data" folder

xCamoLegend for generating all the meshes, NMC washed out and NMC original 
Roy Batty for providing the patched geck
tgspy for generating vanilla textures
You for downloading

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