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Added: 20/03/2017 - 10:28AM
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== ABOUT ==

This mod adds the famous television series 'The Flash' Speedforce (superspeed, lightning) and costumes to Fallout New Vegas.
The Flash and Reverse Flash costume textures were made by jops444 but I edited/fixed them best I could. I also included Zoom costume.

(This mod does NOT EDIT the original Turbo -- Speedforce is a new a drug that is in your armor inventory.)
(The mod was hidden on 21/3/17 to fix some issues but now available with new updates.)
- New: Speedforce sounds, better speed.


- The new Speedforce drug will give you enhanced superspeed abilities -- You will be fast enough to dodge bullets, grenades and even deathclaws!
(assuming you're fast enough at moving and not just standing still)

- During the experience within the speedforce, you will have damage resistance and animated lightning trails that follow you.
(Speedforce is now an activator, you can switch it on/off at will! -- item will be in your armor inventory.)

- Here are the Speedforce colors: *All Speedforce lightnings have the same speed.

Yellow Lightning - Flash
Blue Lightning - Zoom
Red Lightning - Reverse Flash

*The costumes are a separate optional file -- Each costume matches the lightning above.
*Each costume has removed mask for hairstyles to work. Costumes for male/female.

== HELP ==

*Costumes and Speedforce awaits you at 'Yangtze Memorial' Abandoned Shack -- See screenshots for further help.
*There's two suitcases: One on top of bed and one under the bed. (top of the bed suitcase only appears if you have downloaded a costume)
*Speedforce activator is in your armor inventory: It is infinite use with on/off control (if binded to a key)

1) Only take ONE of the costumes files (Flash, Reverse Flash, Zoom)

2) Only take
ONE of the Speedforce speeds (Flash, Reverse Flash, Zoom) (see above for colors)

3) Once downloaded open up the .rar file and drag the 'Data' folder to your main Fallout New Vegas folder and done!

4) Check Data Files on launcher to make sure speedster.esp and suit.esp are ticked.

5) TO UNINSTALL - Delete the speedster.esp, suit.esp and the costume of what you chose from textures/meshes.

jops444 - Original textures (Flash, Reverse Flash)
Me - Edited textures/added Zoom, effects, scripts, level design