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This mod lets you craft a specialized Sonic Emitter that can swap audio samples on the fly after you've acquired all of them for the Jukebox

  • Crafting

The specialized emitter can be crafted at a workbench with any version of the base Sonic Emitters after you've acquired all the Audio Logs for the Jukebox, and you'll need 100 Science skill. Just note that this can only be crafted once, so don't lose it.

  • Swapping Audio Samples

With the new Sonic Emitter equipped, press the Activate & Reload keys (E+R by default) at the same time, and you'll cycle to the next audio sample. The order is as follows; Revelation, Opera Singer, Tarantula, Gabriel's Bark, then Robo-Scorpion before looping back to Revelation.

Old World Blues
Lutana NVSE

RoyBatty  - Suggested the idea to me, and helped test.
pikadaniel99 - Helped test.