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Teaser Trailer for Gardens of Equestria

Last night, there were sounds of explosions and minigun fire in the hills to the northwest of Goodsprings. Residents of the quiet town reported seeing something like a Steel Ranger slowly plodding through the foothills to the south. None of them have dared to investigate...but something definitely happened.

Discover the truth in the hills of Goodsprings and uncover the beginnings of something much greater in this special preview of the upcoming story-driven experience “Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm!”

For more details on the upcoming Gardens of Equestria story-driven experience and the Manehattan Project, including our plans for Fallout 4, please visit http://www.gardensofequestria.com.

  • A hidden safehouse deep in the hills outside Goodsprings holds many secrets and few answers. 
  • Locate some of the most advanced weaponry the Ministry of Wartime Technology ever developed and wield these fearsome weapons through your travels throughout the Mojave Wasteland!
  • Three unique sets of armor, each with their own special trait, await you.
  • Find a way into the depths of the safehouse and discover a virtual treasure trove for those skilled enough to get to it.
  • The distortions in reality have already started. Nuka-Cola has become Sparkle-Cola and Sunset Sarsaparilla has become Sunset Shimmer Sarsaparilla! And the changes aren’t limited to just the Safehouse.... 
  • Many other items have changed as well, but you’ll have to discover the extent of the changes yourself. Who knows how far they have spread?
  • Know that for every lock, there exists a key for those with keen eyes and nimble fingers. 
  • Custom music by Corvus Productions, made specially for Smuggler’s Run.
  • New radio station "Visionary Broadcast" so you can listen to the Smuggler's Run theme whenever you'd like! 

  • A legitimate copy of Fallout: New Vegas. 
  • Note: While “Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm” will require “Old World Blues,” “Smuggler’s Run” does not.

Installation Instructions (Upgrade from 1.9):
  • Remove all GoE: Smuggler's Run files from your computer. (Delete them entirely)
  • Use NMM and install as normal or extract the contents into the Fallout New Vegas\Data\ directory. 
  • Make sure to turn on Archive Invalidation. If you already have it on, use FOMM or NMM to turn it off and on again so the proper textures and meshes will work.

Installation Instructions:
  • Download through the Nexus Mod Manager and install as normal. 
  • Otherwise, extract the contents of GoE Smuggler’s Run into the Fallout New Vegas\Data\ directory.
  • Make sure to turn on Archive Invalidation. If you already have it on, use FOMM or NMM to turn it off and on again so the proper textures and meshes will work.

Special Notes:

  • Smuggler’s Run is designed to be a preview of what’s in store for you in “This Coming Storm.” As such you will still see some objects and meshes throughout the rest of the game that reflect the old logos and names (such as seeing the original Sunset Sarsaparilla “keg” logo and billboards in some locations). 

Mod Incompatibilities:
  • None to the best of our knowledge. If you come across a problem, please let us know so we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Some mods, such as Weapon Mods Expanded, may cause texture losses if the custom weapons are modded. At present, only vanilla mods are supported for the custom weaponry. (Laser Rifle, Trail Carbine, Hunting Shotgun, Anti-Material Rifle, Power Fist)

Development Credits:
  • Executive Producer, Lead Designer & Creative Director: Novel Idea
  • Executive Producer & Technical Director: Red Kat
  • Musical Director: Corvus Productions
  • QA by Novel Idea & Red Kat
  • Internal Artwork by Blue Nova and FancyCat

Art & Models Credits:
  • Mane 6 Power Armor Custom Weaponry originally designed by "Is This Display Name Taken?" 
  • Mane 6 Armor & Weapons Adapted for GoE by Novel Idea
  • Mane 6 weapon modded variant textures & meshes by Novel Idea
  • Ministry of Peace First Aid Kit, Applejack Daniels, Wild Pegasus Whiskey, Mint-als, Sparkle-Cola Designs, & Milk Bottle by Herpest of the Derp
  • Sunset Shimmer Sarsaparilla designs (Vending Machine, Crates, Bottles & Bottlecaps) by Novel Idea.
  • Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark by MillennialDan
  • Sunset Sarsaprilla, Rarity Sierra Madre, Science Degree, Giddyup Applejack, Badge Poster by Pixelkitties (Adjustments by Novel Idea)
  • Pinkie Bombs by Dan232323
  • Equestrian Flag by Blue Nova

Trademarks & Legal:
  • Fallout: New Vegas – Copyright 2010 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. Developed in association with Obsidian Entertainment Inc. Obsidian and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Obsidian Entertainment Inc.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Copyright Hasbro
  • This game mod for Fallout: New Vegas is purely fan-made and is completely nonprofit. Hasbro and Bethesda are the complete and total copyright holders of their respective properties.

  • 1.0: Initial Launch
  • 1.1: Updated "Smuggler's Run Theme" and fixed issue preventing song from playing in Safehouse.
  • 1.2: Fixed texture issue with Buccaneer Blast Anti-Material Rifle
  • 1.3: Fixed issue preventing gloves from showing up properly on TS and RD Power Armors
  • 1.4: Fixed missing textures for PipBoy icons. 
  • 1.5: Fixed clipping issue with an ammo box and fixed "Stark" to be a persistent reference to prevent despawning.
  • 1.6: Minor bug fixes, including new fix for despawning bodies. 
  • 1.7: Multiple fixes: PTM Addiction no longer permenent. Fixed spelling errors. Adjusted tuning of all GoE Weapons to be a slightly improved version of their standard FO:NV counterparts. 
  • 1.8: Fixed missing textures from Apple Bucker Mesh. Fixed Armored Stable 2 Barding and adjusted skills to match Littlepip’s skills: +10 Science +10 Lockpicking +10 Carry Weight.
  • 1.9: Removed script that was turning the Stable 2 Barding into the Armored 21 Vault Suit. 
  • 2.0: .BSA Update, new artwork, new meshes, expanded textures.