Anti Sentience Rifle 50cal Bolt Sniper by vTemporalZEROv
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Added: 30/08/2014 - 06:52PM
Updated: 06/09/2014 - 11:19PM

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Last updated at 23:19, 6 Sep 2014 Uploaded at 18:52, 30 Aug 2014

This mod installs a sexy new man's playtoy of a sniper rifle, twice the ragdoll blowback of an 
anti material rifle, more damage, silent, HUGE, and with extra range and an increased clip size, 
which is visible. This weapon fires 50MG rounds and has a 3x limb damage percentage as well 
as explosion only limb effects.. try it out with explosive ammo from GRA if you have it, you may 
have saliva drip from your mouth, this is normal.

Ever get tired of the anti material rifle, any other sniper rifle mod, or what is supposed to be a 
powerful weapon just not doing "the job" ? Well look no further, basically I have been playing too 
much dead space lately, and I realized, "Hey.. there's no limb dismembering weapons in the 
game.. " *sad face*, well now there is :) Enjoy your man's weapon, aim for the chest, it has a 
funny effect. If not aiming at the chest (arms, legs, etc.) then it is basically one shot kill 

---Can be found on top of the metal cabinet to your right JUST as you enter the door of the 
Goodsprings Gen. Store along with a small amount of ammo to have fun with, weapon has low 
durability and wears quickly so choose your shots wisely... or just go in to god mode and kill all 
the deathclaws and their children and their women and then world domination after that :)
Just combine the data folders in your fallout nv directory, like evry other mod, you know how it 

This was made by vTemporalZEROv, the person who is tired of wimpy crappy guns in NV.

V2 now out! Fixed a bunch of stuff, now MUCH more of a heavy weapon, found in same place, now, as a high tech heavy sniper.. only holds ONE SHOT in the chamber before reloading, but counter's that by doing over 300 damage, added to leveled list with very few NPC's holding on to them, worth a lot if sold, with a very very small chance of finding them, but infinite amount due to NCR heavy troopers carrying them as well as a few other people.. wink wink.. not violet or other bad people. Definitely not a powder ganger.. nope. Enjoy!