Enclave Remnants Hideout by Sangheili_Blad
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I'm not dead and neither is my mod!

I can promise that by V0.5 the building will be done & by V1.2 or lower I will have a quest made and A.I. done & by V2.0 I will have The Voice acting and others things done.
Right now I am requesting authorization for use of two things ermeso's XRE Beta1 VertiBird and some propaganda poster's.

This mod will change the Sunset Sarsaparilla factory into a Enclave Hideout/Base. It will not interfere with any of the vanilla quest, but however you are able to finish the following quest before you even get them if you pick up the Laser Pistol & Holotape. "A Valuable Lesson", & "The Legend of The Stars". This will add the Enclave to the Mojave wasteland as a Friendly faction that you can join.

Enclave enlistment
I have a lot on my plate & so does Uncle Sam. That's why we need you America we need a team of individuals to finish this project as soon as possible w/o losing quality of the project. I need voice actors, people to work on custom textures, and help with the quest line. Of course all people will be credited fully. Just message me if you are interested at all.

The Enclave have been living in the SSHQ for years & have been found numerous times, but the individuals never remember the encounter they had with the Enclave. The Enclave have recovered a Prototype Pre-War device that when used on a individual they can manipulate memories & thought patterns. This Pre-War Prototype's original intentions were to turn Chinese Operatives into double agents.

Just the Vanilla game.

How to update
-Remember to remove the old version before downloading the current version and installing it.

Future Installment Plans
-Adding a Quest
-Adding NPC's
-Adding A Enclave Faction
-Adding Voice actors
-Adding Custom Armor & Weapon's
-Adding Custom Terminals with notes

Change Log 0.2
-Finished The Armory
-Added Custom Plasma Rifles "Will Make Custom Skin later"
-Added a Armory Terminal with notes

Personal notes to you the people.
-Feel free to leave an open opinion I would love to hear your feed back and ideas.
-Note I will Up date this mod every time I finish a room. I'm also doing one thing at a time so please be patient after I'm done with the rooms/building I will add the NPC's & quest.
-And Thanks for the support :)
-The Notes I referred to add to the Lore and keep it friendly.
Also please excuse my grammar if I made any error's I have been up for hours doing this. I'm very excited about this & the outcome.
(This is a work in progress and my first mod)