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Added: 13/03/2014 - 02:00AM
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The Robotics Expert perk always seemed like it missed something, like when you deactivated robots and then had to kill them afterwards to get the Exp.
No more! now you can make any robot Self-Destruct after you have deactivated it, and with the second rank of this perk you'll be able to reprogram robots to become your allies and fight beside you!
You still have to sneak up on them to do this.

Sidenote: I've tried to make them follow you after you have reprogrammed them, but i haven't been able to make it work properly. Anyone that can come up with a solution is greatly appreciated

Now with a Tale of Two Wastelands compatible version!

First Rank

  • lets you Deactivate Robots

  • lets you make robots Self-Destruct

  • +25% damage to robots

  • v1.1 if you use the Sonic emitter (revelation) on a robot
  • the vanilla effect will apply, but now you can also walk up to it and disable it, doesn't matter if you're detected or not.

Second Rank

  • includes all the same things as the First Rank

  • lets you Reprogram Robots to serve you as allies
  • Note: If you do this you wont get any Exp when they die.


  • You need to be level 12

  • Science skill need to be atleast 50

Note: Same as vanilla, but to Reprogram the robots you'll need to get the second rank of this perk.

This mod is incompatible with any mod that modifies the Robotics Expert perk.

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