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Left 4 Dead NV

First thing I want to make clear is that this mod is incomplete, and that I will no longer be working on it. I have another, larger project for Skyrim
that I intend to finish, and so will not have the time to work on this mod.

What is Left 4 Dead NV?

A while ago, I thought it might be a cool idea to see how closely I could make a gameplay mod that was similar to the gameplay of the actual Left 4 Dead series. I created a map for it (incomplete), and added lots of other stuff, including scripts to make items have the same effects as they do in Left 4 Dead. An example of this are the weapons.

If you pick up an assault rifle, you'll be given the ammo to go with it. If you then pick up a shotgun, you'll lose the assault rifle, and gain shotgun ammo. Ammo piles (ammo pile model courtesy of micalov) function in the same way. The script has a set limit of ammo to give you, and will fill up as much ammo as you need to reach that limit.

This mod is being released for people to use as they wish, but please make sure to read the "Legal" section before you consider uploading anything
related to this mod.

To gain access to the worldspace in the mod, open the Console and type "coc TheStreetsEntrance" and press enter. There are some \"infected\"
(ghouls and super mutants), and a range of items.

The mod features one incomplete map, and it would be excellent if other modders created/finished more maps for the mod, Left 4 Dead style.


All you have to do is drag and drop the Data folder found in this mod file into your Fallout New Vegas Data folder

(C:...Steam > Steamapps > common > Fallout New Vegas)


Look for any folder/file with the prefix "L4DNV" and remove it from your Data folder.


You may use this mod in any way you desire, and you may upload it. I only ask that you credit me and micalov.