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Last updated at 2:32, 1 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 21:41, 5 Aug 2013

I Want to Thank Everyone that has made a mod review and that has showed support and liking to this mod! You guys Are Awesome and make us do better! VERSION 5.5 IS HERE SO GET IT NOW!!!
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This Mod Lets You Be The a shop owner and adds a a little player home in it a well. You will be able to upgrade your store and open it for business! Buy Security Things From keeping it from getting robbed and keep shoplifters away! The Player Home inside of the store is a little vault that is cozy and has some awesome things and places to store your goods! Or there is a optional download for no vault in this mod you know your choice! There is still some issues that i will work on please be patient and please give me feedback and comments! Also Please comment any spelling errors you encounter! Do not be Rude We made this mod for you, being rude will make us not want to post anything on the nexus site. We Now Have Voice Acting And Scripted Robberies! Please Do not be rude in the comments we worked by the clock to get this done before school starts for some people due to so many request. All New Updates For Now Are Patches and bug fixes. Please Enjoy The mod and ask or complement this mod in the comments. Thanks! Please Read The Questions and Answers (Q&A)

If You do a mod review of this mod please comment with the link so we can take a look at it and maybe include that video into this page!

Whats New
-Version 5.5 Is Out Now!
-Check Out spartankiller897 Website Now For His Upcoming mods! His Upcoming Mod: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1203840-ranger-clint-an-advanced-ghoul-companion-mod/
-spartankiller897 Website: http://spartens-fall...-mods.webs.com/
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Run a Shop 2
I am starting to create run a shop 2 with a brand new selling system, interior, and more items! but first i need to ask you guys. Should i place the location next to the run a shop place or by Atomic Wrangular? Let me know in the comments!
-Run a Shop 2 Will be delayed due to my computer wiping all the mods in my fallout NV directory. Sorry about that.

Whats Goin On with Kalazaka?
-The Run a Shop will be restarted which means i'm gonna be creating it by scratch again with my new ideas and scripts i discovered how to use
The Run a Shop mod will be only produced my me (Kalazaka) because i cant get in touch with my friend spartenkiller897. So Hopefully you guys are still watching this mod and i shall release a New Run a Shop After i finish with my vault house mod! Thanks!

In FreeSide near the location of the Strip Entrance. (See Pictures For exact Location.)

2.extract all filed except backup to FalloutNV Data
3.Open Fallout Nv
4.Select Run a Shop.esp and enjoy

-Robber Stats Are To High and cause threat to Employee
-Multiple Radios inside one in the Vault
-Version 5.5 is out now and Now Has Fixed Many Bugs!

Questions And Answers

Q: I read all the terminals and still don't get what im supposed to do?
A: Your objective is to run the store and upgrade it and to be sure not to get robbed

Q: Were Is Pete?
A: Pete is in the atomic wrangler. It was told when you just start the mod.

Q: How come no customers are coming into my store?
A: All customers come in the store around the following times; 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, and 1:00pm. You don't literally have to stand around and wait, just wait for those times to come, any day of the week, you will find at least one (but probably more) customers coming in.

Q: This mod doesn't work, customers dialogue doesn't work right, security kills customers, etc.
A: Please read the installation notes for the normal version, and uncheck or delete the backup.esp, thank you.

Q: This mod is not finished and has way to many spelling errors so i am unendorsing. why is it not completed?
A: First it is completed!! It has bugs so Stop Being Rude and A pain and enjoy the mod and wait till there is an update!

spartankiller897 for everything! Doing Scripting, Terminals, Npc, Voice Acting, And for making this non Beta. Thanks Again!

Cyberlazy- For Help With some Edits, Website: www.worldcrafter.org

Version 2:
-Added 2 More Terminals
-Added Shelves
-Added a Checkout
-Added a Freezer
-Moved Things Around
-Added a Sign out front
-Removed Fences Outside of area
-Added a Pool Table In Vault

Version 3:
-Added A lot more items
-customers come in
-added new items
-and a lot more!!

Version 4:
-Fix bugs
-Fix customer issues
-Allow to open the store
-upgraded the lounge

Version 5:
-Voice Acting
-Scripted Robberies
-New Store Items
-Now Personal Uniforms
-Security Systems Now Being sold
-Fate Pete is no longer Demented
-New Items
-No Vault Optional Download
-Hire able Staff with voice acting!
-And A lot more!

Version 5.1:
-Bug Fixes
-Improved Running Performance
-Fix Error Meshes
-And Some improvments

Version 5.5:
1.A brand new customer
2.Tweaked employee voice acting
3. 2 Stockable shelves
4. All customers are now voiced
5. Bug fixes, which include:
- Randomly locked safe
- Fixed issue where some days customers wouldn't
come in.
- Fixed dialogue options
- Fixed terminal options (they now disappear after
- Customers now have their own unique containers
(sorry about that)
6. Renamed robbers to bandits
7. Customers inventory resets everyday
8. Bandits will steal whatever is on your shelves now.