Women of the Wasteland by nuska
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Added: 25/07/2013 - 01:46PM
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WotW is both a modder's resource and a playable race set. The gist of it is that I figured out how to significantly improve how character heads look in New Vegas and ended up with a bunch of neat assets, but being occupied with a ton of other projects I knew I couldn't see it through into a full experience on my schedule - so this is primarily a resource and a demo of how much can be done with NV's heads, but you can totally play with it too.

This is female-only - male characters in this mod use standard vanilla assets. I probably won't be covering men the same way, sorry.

I've added my own copied versions of Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian and African American races and routed each of them to use their own custom head models. I've also sculpted a few original normal maps to really fully realize the faces, as well as given the vanilla female head texture a much needed round of polishing. All my files for this mod can be found under /character/nuska in both meshes and textures.

In every other sense the races are carbon copies of Vanilla ones - as I'm on a very limited schedule I couldn't find time to see these into a fully realized head replacer mod for the game as I'd have wanted to, so these are completely open for any use with other mods, hopefully someone with more time on their hands decides to see the idea through.

The difference is pretty huge, check out the comparison shots.

All assets in this mod are Bethesda's things with my own work on top. Thanks for checking it out.