Fallout Who Vegas 2.0 by Demeggy and Spyduck
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The ORIGINAL family friendly Doctor Who Mod for Fallout New Vegas:


Fallout Who Vegas brings the TARDIS to the Mojave Wasteland, and not just as a portable home...
traverse the Desert in style, with 100 landing locations to visit, a plethora of controls to manipulate, a menagerie of systems to customise and a labyrinth of wonderful rooms to explore.
Set to the backdrop of a mysterious quest thrusting you into the Courier's near future, questions must be answered and mysteries must be solved...

This mod has been in development for 4 years. Prior to this re-release, it came as an open Beta. Now it returns, better, refined and with more to do.
- Do battle with Dalek Attack Saucers & Cyber War Ships
- Outrun randomly generated Space and Time anomalies
- Explore the highly radioactive Wastelands of Skaro
- and unlock the secrets to becoming a Time Lord with randomised physical appearance, stats and advanced Mental Telepathic features

Currently in development, 2.1 will be released within the coming weeks, featuring new control rooms/desktop themes, new monsters, and much more.


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Team FWV:

Demeggy       Founder, Lead Developer
Spyduck         Co-Founder, Lead Developer


Modellers/Texture Artists:


Texture Artists:



xg42 - Vocal Artist/Beta Tester
GreatIllMotives - Narrative/Beta Tester