NCR Overhaul by FourKIllmaster
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Added: 18/12/2012 - 06:41AM
Updated: 20/12/2012 - 07:39AM

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Last updated at 7:39, 20 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 6:41, 18 Dec 2012

This mod gives the NCR new weapons and changes the armor they wear. This is very much a WIP so as of right now this can severely unbalance the game so please be wary when picking up the gear they are carrying.

You must have Honest Hearts and Dead Money.
This file is only an ESP and requires you download the Dragonskin Tactical Outfit located here

*You must enable the Dragonskin Tactical Outfit ESP and the Bonus Pack for this mod to work.

Changes to NCR Ranks
- Normal troops now have the chance to spawn with Marksman Carbine, Service Rifle, Hunting Shotgun, Automatic Rifle, Light Machine Gun, .45 Auto Pistol and Submachinegun, as-well as the Assault Carbine.
-NCR MP's can spawn the Riot Shotgun, .45 Pistol, or the Assault Carbine.

If you find any NPCs without any gear I would greatly appreciate if you posted an image and the cell at which they are located so I can change them for future releases.

I am aware that there are some serious clipping issues with the balaclavas and I'll be looking into a fix. Also occasionally some npcs will spawn with facial hair sticking through it as-well.

Big thank-you to Anistar for allowing me to use his mod.


Unzip the archive with winrar and place the Esp inside the fallout new vegas data directory.