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Collision markers (invisible walls) are placed for numerous reasons, commonly to decrease load on the physics engine, cover for meshes that the player can walk through or to prevent the player from moving to an area on the map entirely or until a designated point is reached (the latter isn't exactly applicable to New Vegas). These collision markers can place noticeable restrictions on the player. Most noticeably when trying to scale mountains, but also in other situations, such as trying to walk under a boardwalk, climbing atop piles of rubble or attempting to reach the barbed wire on those billboard walls around the Strip and Freeside. Ultimate Invisible Wall Remover seeks to remove these collision markers not only from the Mojave Wasteland, but from every worldspace spanning all DLCs, as well as interiors. This mod has been created entirely in FNVEdit, filtering for collision markers and going through them one by one, disabling those that won't cause issues (such as having the ability to walk through walls). The end result should be a comprehensive and all-inclusive invisible wall remover that won't contain the dirty edits or -30000 z coordinates that can cause many issues in worldspace modifying mods. All of the disabled invisible walls have had their enable state flagged as opposite to the player character.

If you find any invisible walls that I've missed, or run into any problems, please report them in the comments section and I'll to see to it that they're fixed.

Enjoy a New Vegas free of invisible walls.


Before you begin, I suggest you read this post by Josh Sawyer, the project director and lead designer of Fallout: New Vegas. The post details why invisible walls were placed and the purpose they serve. Be aware that this mod can detract from your gameplay experience due to the fact that NPCs cannot move outside of the boundaries collision markers placed on the map. As a result, it is possible the player can find a space where they're invulnerable because their enemies can't reach them. Also be aware that Ultimate Invisible Wall Remover requires Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road. They're called FalloutNV.esm, DeadMoney.esm, HonestHearts.esm, OldWorldBlues.esm, and LonesomeRoad.esm in your data folder.


Once you've read the notes above and have made sure Ultimate Invisible Wall Remover is suitable for you, simply drag and drop Ultimate Invisible Wall Remover.esp into your Fallout: New Vegas data folder. Alternatively, you could use FOMM or Nexus Mod Manager.