Starry Nights by Ironman5000
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Added: 27/09/2012 - 05:25PM
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I would love to see some of your images using this if you would be kind enough, I try not to keep my graphics settings too high to favour performance but I know a lot of you can get some really cool visual settings especially with the great graphics enhancement mods you have running. It would be nice to see this mod showcased with your settings so please feel free to take advantage of the user images for my page :)

I have also released a version for Skyrim users
Skyrim version

This mod works as a high resolution texture replacer for the night sky stars to give much greater detail and much more stars with optional colour tints. I have quite a few HiRes astral images courtesy of NASA's Hubble Telescope from which I managed to edit to create this so if credits go to anyone it would have to be them.

Have a good look at the comparisons images to see how this will benefit your sky from the vanilla game.

The base texture size of the star textures is set at 512x512 which is just too small for me so I have replaced it with a personally customized 2048x2048 high resolution texture file, or if you want an ultra resolution texture I have made a 4096x4096 file.

Simply choose which colour and resolution file you desire and place the texture folder into your data directory. CHOOSE ONLY ONE FILE!

I suggest doing this manually as I do not use NMM and therefore cannot guaruntee successful installation, but hey you might get lucky!

The only mod I am aware of that works the same way is Nevada Skies so if you want to use this alongside that mod then overwrite when prompted. FYI NSkies will still function properly I had both running in testing!

I am always open to feedback and suggestions so leave comments and also please endorse if you think this is worthy of it, thanks.

I am willing to expand on this project if I get the right requests just let me know and i'll see what I can do to build on this ;)