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Added: 12/08/2012 - 03:51PM
Updated: 10/05/2015 - 06:41AM

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Last updated at 6:41, 10 May 2015 Uploaded at 15:51, 12 Aug 2012


Adds a new flavor of Tesla Rifle, The Mk 2. Meaning, you can now choose between two different color schemes, warm red and yellow, or cool steel and blue.

Just a small update that adjusts the position of the holo sight on the Non scoped version of the Tesla Rifle so it is more transparent and easier to aim with. There wont be any large updates for awhile since I am currently ill, but feel free to leave suggestions in the comment section and don't forget to endorse the file if you like it.

Ok, a REAL update, you're now able to choose between a scoped and non scoped version of the Tesla Rifle via the in game gun mod "Tesla Rifle Scope". The mod has been added to all of the original containers, and next to the gas station in Novac.

Adjusts the projectile node so that the beam appears deeper within the gun
Adds a new energy weapon to the game called the "Tesla Rifle". Two of them can be found at Helios One in the tower (Check pictures for hints). If you want to cheat, there is also one found at Novac near the gas station.

-Weapon Stats-
DAM: 70
DPS: 215
Ammo: MF Breeder (8 Shots per charge)
Health: 120

Download the main file but do not unpack the zip file, just add that as the mod via NMM/FOMM.

Or, if you like manual installs, drag and drop the folder labeled "ZZCustom MeshesZZ" into the meshes folder for fallout new vegas

Fallout New Vegas

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