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This was a small project of a mod I felt like making. Similar to the few I've done in the past for Fallout 3, except it was Michael Myers. Which got taken down. So as a break off my Silent Hill mod, and for a few days I decided to make a Jason Voorhees NPC that would follow you in the wasteland and kill you. And that's what I did.

This mod adds a Jason Voorhees NPC, whom will follow you wherever you go in the Mojave Wasteland. He will kill you, and anyone who gets in his way. He is armed with a steel machete, and throwing hatchets. He cannot die. If you wait anywhere too long, you will die. He will kill you. If you sleep in any one location for too long, he will find you, and he will kill you. People in his way will die. You will die.

1. Download files from this page.
2. Drag files into your falloutnewvegas/data directory.
3. Enable the mod through the FOMM, the Fallout New Vegas startup screen or the Nexus Mod Manager.
4. Enjoy.
5. Endorse.

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-Mods adding new weapons

Q: I don't see him! Where is he?!
A: Wait anywhere in the Mojave Wasteland for too long and he will find you. If you are in a DLC created area, then I don't guarantee he will find you.

Q: His machete disappeared? 0_o
A: That's a small bug that happens when he unequips the throwing hatchets. Don't worry, stay calm, and reappear sooner or later.

Q: He killed so-n-so! Now I can't do a quest or blah blah blah!
A; I warned you.

Q: Great mod! Any other mods I can try out from you!?
A: I have a Silent Hill mod you could try out.

Q: He can't die! WTF!
A: Yeah, he can't die. I told you already.

Look at the credits below and determine where to ask permission from to use what in where and why.

2cooldays: For creating the mod. The NPC. The clothing, race, mask retexture, machete retexture, and ect.
Moraelin: For his machete weapon mod.
Riven1978: For the hockey mask's mesh.
kennyimpala: For the original hockey mask's texture.

Other: Don't forget to try out my Silent Hill mod!