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==Anarchy submachinegun==

A weapon i put together using nifskope,It uses parts from: the GRA assault carbine's forged reciever, "sleepy time" 10 mm submachine gun, the recoil compensator for the 10mm submachine gun and a part from a GRA plasma defender mod.

!!This mod requires fallout NV and the gun runner's arsenal (GRA)!!

The weapon uses 5mm ammo and its varients such as AP or HP and comes in both one handed and two handed versions each with different animations and the 2 handed versions mesh has a longer barrel so the character holds it correctly.

Location is Vicky and vance casino in primm, in the cashier safe office, inside an open safe.

Credit to Lolzinator42 for the name "Anarchy"


Any feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you like it !
-A Welsh Guy

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