Project Nevada - Rebalance Uncapped Max Level by Acleacius
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Added: 25/06/2012 - 12:35AM
Updated: 26/06/2012 - 01:26AM

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Project Nevada - Rebalance Uncapped Max Level

By Acleacius

Intended as a Patch to Uncap Max Level for Project Nevada, if you are using Rebalance. Project Nevada is absolutely REQUIRED and ALL CREDITS go to PN TEAM!

That said, I don't refuse Endorsements or Kudos.

Description: Do you Love Project Nevada but tired of being stuck at level 50 after 100+ hours of gameplay? This mod is probably for you, it removes the level 50 cap to allow maximum level of the game engine 255.

Required Files:

Project Nevada
Mod Configuration Menu


To Install, put this esp in your Fallout New Vegas\Data folder, where all the other esp files go.

To Uninstall, remove the esp from Fallout New Vegas\Data folder.

Load Order:

See the very last esm file, it's probably Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp or Project Nevada - Cyberware.esp.

Project Nevada - Rebalance Uncapped Max Level.esp should be the very first esp file (After Project Nevada - Rebalance.esp of course).
First esp in your load order. It doesn't HAVE to be, remember this just a suggestion.

So if your not sure, put it as high up in FOMM as you can OR anywhere you want.


It has the SAME compatibility as Project Nevada, with one exception. DO NOT use this with another Level Cap Remover.


You need PN Team of Project Nevada to do anything associate with or to their mod project, Project Nevada.