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- Fallout New Vegas


I HIGHLY recommend this mod:

- PMT - Responsive Kill Reactions.esp


how about you check this mods out, they do modify the ai-packages in a way that provides a lot more sensible NPC-behaviour:

Enemy AI - Tactics - NPC Healing


or this one:

MCV - Modified Combat Values



MCV seems to be more compatible with RWD.


Realistic Weapon Damages NV:




- place the 'Realistic Stealth Overhaul.esp' in your New Vegas/data folder and enable it through a mod manager
- if you use Project Nevada Rebalance download the optional file and place it under the 'PN - Rebalance.esp' in the load order



- delete the .esp


What does it do?

- sneaking now feels how it should be
- it adjusts the sneak system to lay more focus on the line-of-sight and armor weight
- it is possible to stab someone even with sneak-skill 0, however, you need to wear really light armor for this
- it is nearly impossible to stab someone while wearing power armor (vanilla weight 45) (it is possible with sneak-skill 100)
- it adjusts the unreasonable vanilla exteriour detection
- running is not really important if you are behind someone, but moving when he/she is looking at you is now fatal



- Bethesda and Obisian for Fallout 3 + NV and the GECK
- gurachn for his/her 'Realistic Stealth and Detection'-mod and the includes excel-sheets, which were useful as hell for this mod (found @ http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=10843)