Robco Certified - Minor Addons by Rylasasin
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Added: 19/04/2012 - 01:01AM
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Last updated at 1:10, 19 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 1:01, 19 Apr 2012

Requires: Robco Certified by TheTalkieToaster

Here is a collection of small, minor additions and adjusters that I've created for Talkie's Robco Certified.

Limit Adjusters: As it implies, it adjusts the number of robots you can have following you at any one time, allowing you to have a larger robotic army. Ideal for those using either Warzones: Misanthropy Pure and/or Increased Wasteland Spawns. comes in 2x (Limit = Intelligence stat) and 4x (Limit = Intelligence x 2) flavors. Also have versions that adjust the Robco clothing and/or Robot Wrangler bonuses.


All Robots Count As One Robot (ARCAOR): Another limit adjuster that takes a different approach: instead of adjusting the total limit, all robots, weither they be simple mr handies or hulking assemblotrons, now count as 1 single robot. Can be used with any of the forementioned limit adjuster, or as an alternative to the above. Bash-Mergable

Cyberdog Build Fix: Fixes a small error that requires you to have rank 2 instead of rank 1 of the Mad Scientist perk in order to build Teir-1 Cyberdogs. Not Bash Mergable.

Cooking Handy: As it implies, it allows Mr. Handys you create to cook for you*! I always thought this feature should have been included since in the Pre-War era that's what (one of) their function(s) was supposed to be. In addition, it also adds Workbench and Reloadingbench Capabilities to the Recursobot.
Not Bash-Mergable.

*= User cooking skill required.

OWB Cerulean Fix: This fix allows you to create robots in The Sink or on Recursobots you build there without having to complete "Machines of Cerulean" first*. Created for those who want to start OWB as soon as possible, without having to go all the way to Cerulean Robotics first. I always thought it sort of strange that you'd have to trek all the way to freeside just to unjam a robot from a machine in order to create robots in Big Mountain, even though you already have the certifications to do so without having to go there. After/if you've already completed "Machines of Cerulean" this no longer has any function however and can be disabled.
Not Bash-Mergable.
* = You still need to complete the quest in order to build robots in the Cerulean robot factory.

Realistic Prices: A precursor to a more mainstream repeatable quest mod I'm creating (Robco Certified Entrepreneur). This handly little mod adjusts the pricing of Packed, Working, And Broken Robots, as well as their upgrades, to a more realistic pricing system based on cost of input materials, Labor required, tier, etc. Allowing you to make a profitable business creating and selling robots.
In the future this mod (under its other name: Entrepreneur) will have miniature quests that allow you to find dedicated customers to sell certain bots above base value through dialogues. However, I thought I'd release this mod now as part of this pack as a preview, and for those who would just prefer it stay this way.
Bash-Mergable (Entrepreneur will not be bash Mergable)