The AlChestBreach Series Part 1 - Brahmin Hunter by UglyDucklingStudios
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Update 7/18/12 Thank you so much everyone! Brahmin Hunter just hit 1000 downloads! I can't believe it pat yourselves on the back and treat yourselves to something nice because you deserve it! So I decided to make a little trailer for Osama Bin Brahmin as a special because of this milestone. So here it is the Osama Bin Brahmin trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1apI5v94F-Q
To start it you need to go to the prospector saloon and talk to the Space Messenger in the closet next to the bathroom. Also there is a quest called Get Ready which is started by talking to Grover and he is outside the Ultra Luxe Casino. Just talk to him after completing This Summer and you will start the quest.

---------- Information ----------
This quest mod adds:

5 new side quest to the game

1 new set of armour (All credit goes to AntiStar for making this http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=36152)

a new poster texture

and 1 new location (fully navmeshed)

The mod is about fighting army of Brahmin led by the notorious Osama Bin Brahmin. With help from Sargent Cake Licker you may be able to put a stop to the

threat of the brahmin
This is based off the video "Fallout New Vegas Trailer Brahmin Hunter" from the youtube commentater "AlChestBreach".
This mod will last around 20-30min and is a bit slow. Sorry for this but this is our first mod and we were just basing it straight off the video and tried not to go away from it. We did add a few parts that weren't in the video but it still kind of connect with the video. I hope you all enjoy the mod please leave your feedback any glitches/spelling errors that you find in the comment section.

---------- Installation ----------

Download this mod using Nexus Mod manager.

---------- Video Reviews ---------
AlChestBreach (this video was taken before the 1.2 update):
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwjdIZZb-80&feature=channel&list=UL
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4LjTYiicdk&feature=channel&list=UL



---------- Change Log ------------
V1.0: Full version Released
V1.1: Fixed the brahmin captain for the quest This Summer not being marked on your compass.
And made the file size smaller.
V1.2: Fixed the spelling for Sargent and changed it to Sgt.
Bumped down the difficulty of the ambush at the east pump station
made the audio louder for some of the voice acting
placed a quest marker to the Osama Bin Brahmin's terminal for the quest So Many Damn Brahmin, So Little Time.
Made Cake Licker attack you at the start of This. Is. It
Added a Brahmin Hunter Badge
*thanks for ApexPrecursor for pointing these out*
V1.3: Took the note out of Cake Lickers safe and put the shovel in there.
V1.4: Fixed if your companion kills cake licker in This. Is. It. it will still complete the quest
V1.5: fixed osama bin brahmins terminal not finishing the So Many Damn Brahmin, So Little Time quest.
V1.6: Fixed some of the bugs that you guys have been posting in the comments (hopefully).

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