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Last updated at 22:00, 9 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 16:42, 4 Jan 2012


Die deutsche Version ist verf├╝gbar bei Ravenmodding.

We are still actively working on this mod as of 2014. All new bug reports are reviewed, and updates are done as regularly as possible.
We are not finished until we say we are!


Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road
Gun Runners' Arsenal
*These links redirect you to the steam store pages of the DLCs.

These are included in your game if you own Fallout: New Vegas - Ultimate Edition!

Why is the mod not an esm?
Masters generally should not modify other masters - only plugins are supposed to modify masters.

This mod covers pretty much anything and everything it can; where bugs and issues have been identified.
Floating items, discolored terrain, faulty terrain, broken navmeshes, inacessable navmeshes, bugged meshes, clipping meshes, wrongly placed statics, clipping statics, broken scripts, problems with companions, issues with traders, scripting errors, wrong values, facial changes and fixes , errors within the game files, compatibilty of all dlcs together, NPC Errors, DLC integration, mismatching body colors, NPC Faces, exploits, corpses/ash piles/goo piles not disappearing after some time, perk bugs, issues with quests, gaps in meshes, issues with sounds, weapons, looping sounds, not working weapon stats, faulty damage calculation, VATS Issues, crashes to desktop, armor bugs, clipping objects, questitems that are not droppable after the quest ended and more!

This mod principally addresses issues that exist in the default game and it's downloadable content. Currently, there are more than 27,000 records fixes contained within the Core Plug-In! We guarantee that there are no other mods out there on the Internet that address as many bugs and issues that we do. This seems quite overwhelming and you're probably think that we just randomly "edit" anything we see. However you can be sure that we thoroughly think about every fix we do, and always intend to preserve the original game. There is no edit that hasn't been discussed with the team.

In short what we are doing is basically post-release quality assurance ;)

Please note: This mod does not simply collect fixes made by other users. We actively fix, amend and add. We also sensibly optimize aspects of the game to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
The majority of our fixes are done internally; identified through issue reports and walkthroughs as they occur. You can rest assured that we are passionate New Vegas players and modders.

This mod is also involves the cooperation of other mods:
Community Patch (Ravenmodding)
Community Bugfix Compilation Patch (Linmor, Zenball and Dynastia)
New Vegas Character Expansions (Machienzo)

The two community patches are not recommended to be used in addition to MMUE. If you're going to use any, use Mission Mojave! New Vegas Character Expansions whilst contained within this mod, is a more community-focused variant. You can however load NVCE after MMUE to have Machienzo's version.

Attention! NV Enhanced Content does not contain MMUE! It contains MM which is a very small part of MMUE!

In the LOADORDER load Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition as far up as possible. That means loaded early as possible! Preferably placed directly after GunRunnersArsenal.esm.

BOSS can be used to get the correct loadorder.

Nexus Mod Manager can be used to install MMUE.
BOSS can be used to get the correct loadorder.

One Final Step: You have to make an integer change in an ini file. This only needs to be done once; and further mod updates do not require this.

Open "C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonfallout new vegasfallout_default.ini"
Go to line "
92". In this line or close to this line should be written:
bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=0" change the value from "0" to "1" and save the file. Make sure to run Fallout: New Vegas once through the original loader so that this change is applied to the game. Running through a 4gb loader or something similar will not apply this change.

As we are actively working on this mod, you may still find bug-fixes not yet addressed. We will fix everything you report to us as quickly as possible. You need only create an issue report on our bugtracker site, and it'll be reviewed within a day!

Making it possible to deliver the players an almost bug-free game without any major problems.
Keeping the game immersion high so every player is able to enjoy the game as much as possible.
And if something should go wrong then just leave us a comment or pm. We are happy to help.

Once you make a mod it often happens that you base your mod onto something that is broken in default game. In this case you will have to fix these things before being able to realize your mod ideas. Even if there is a solution for the problem it might often be hard to do or you might have to ask for the permission of another author who made a fix for this particular problem. This almost always takes a lot work and time.

We think that is not what modders deserve. We think it should not be this way. Based on this problem we decided to make this mod. Now you can simply set our mod as a requirement for your mod and if something is broken ask us to take care of it. We will be happy to help. This way you don't need to merge your mod will all kinds of things just to get things fixed.

This mod is updated regularly to ensure that it remains compatible amongst the modding community and assortment of releases. These updates are done on average on a monthly basis, so as not to become inconvenient. We also offer earlier beta releases to brave members wishing to get a head-start on their NV travels.

MMUE does not require the New Vegas Script Extender.

With Compatibility Patches for:

Project Nevada*
A World Of Pain
NVInteriors Project
Weapon Mods Expansion (WME)
Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX)
EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements
FOOK New Vegas
rePopulated Wasteland
Fallout New Vegas Redesigned
Fallout - Project Brazil

Mods that come with Compatibility for MMUE:

Every 3rd Perk
Item Weight Redefined

Mods that are compatible if loaded after MMUE:

Nevada Skies - Weather Effects BETA and URWLified
JSawyer's Mod
Underground Hideout New Vegas

And compatibility with every esp format mod. They will overwrite some values but won't cause big problems.

If you have further questions about this mod and its contents or if you have found a bug or problem within the vanilla game or in our mod then please go ahead leave us a comment or a private message. You can even contact us via Steam. We are happy if you take the time to report a bug.

*Note about Project Nevada Patches:


Patch for "Project Nevada - Core".
This is required. Always install and activate.


Patch for "Project Nevada - Equipment".
Install and activate only if "Project Nevada - Equipment" is installed and activated.


Patch for "Project Nevada - Rebalance".
Install and activate only if "Project Nevada - Rebalance" is installed and activated.


Patch for the "Project Nevada - All DLC".
Install and activate only if "Project Nevada - All DLC" * is installed and activated.


Patch when not using "Project Nevada - All DLC" (see above.)
Install and activate only if "Project Nevada - Old World Blues" ** *** and "Project Nevada - Cyberware" are installed and activated.


* The "Project Nevada - All DLC" patch can be found at Project Nevada - Extra Options [ http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/47285 ].

** The "Project Nevada - Old World Blues" patch can be found at Project Nevada Patches [ http://newvegas.nexusmods.com/mods/42363 ].

*** The "Project Nevada - Old World Blues" patch is not the same as the "Project Nevada - Old World Blues (No Cyberware)" patch.
When installing "Project Nevada - Old World Blues" from the "Project Nevada - DLC Support" FOMOD, the cyberware option must be checked.

View the Readme for the changelog!

The Team Mystery

Active Staff Members
Iyumichan (Team Leader & Core Admin)
Machienzo (Team Leader, Lead Scripter & Plus Admin)
JackArbiter (Compatibility Designer & Web Admin)

Additional Members
FalloutHoG (German Localisation)

(Alphabetical Order)

Jake Ryan
htom sirveaux

Should you have questions or concerns then please contact us via pm.
We hope you enjoy our work! If you do then please endorse us ;)