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****************************Astrid The Fire Gecko Companion Mod****************************

This is a companion (without the companion wheel) who will be loyal and very happy to join you as you
adventure across the Wasteland killing, exploring and other things.

This mod includes:

Astrid him self

Complete dialogue

You are able to find out about Astrid's past.

Wait here

Follow me

Let me access your Inventory

Go home

Go home - Yes/No

A whole range of goodbye's, hello's and other social things

A terminal and note about more of Astrid's past

Soon to come:

(I don't support the companion wheel so it won't come unless I get a REALLY big pile of requests.)

Let me heal you.

Follow me close/far

Don't use fire

Use fire more often/less often

Be able to set your own custom name for him

Be able to set a home for him

Set colour of the skin


Put .esp in Fallout New Vegas Data folder located in the main directory of New Vegas.


Delete .esp


He is inside the General Store in Goodsprings. He will also go home there when told to Go home.


Ask for permission to edit. Thanks


Endorse for the hard work? Lol :D